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  1. Beans

    East Region - Refresh

    Looking forward to moving the OB-East group forward!
  2. Beans

    Some sort of overland event?

    Looks like a really cool event. I like that it benefits charity. I will be there!
  3. Beans

    We didn’t end up camping in the North Maine Woods. You will need a permit to camp in the NMW and...

    We didn’t end up camping in the North Maine Woods. You will need a permit to camp in the NMW and it’s only in designated first come, first serve spots.
  4. Beans

    The Swisha Loop - Southwestern Quebec, full trip video included!

    I totally get you mean. We were pulling very long days so opportunities to film were limited. I worked with what I had but I wish I had more!
  5. Beans

    The Swisha Loop - Southwestern Quebec, full trip video included!

    Hi All, I recently completed the Swisha Loop in southwestern Quebec with four other members of Northeast Overland. Northeast Overland is based in Maine and runs guided trips. However, this trip was just for us. Our trip was five days long, two travel days and three days to run the route. The...
  6. Beans

    Hi from Canada!!

    I have discovered gravel travel as well and am currently planning a swisha loop run with some other guys in the second half of 2018! Thanks for the tip.
  7. Beans

    Interior Accessories

    +2 on the sun visor organizer. I keep pen, pencil, and sharpie up there as well as flash light, tire gauge, small knife, my wallet (when driving), and my garage door opener. This stuff used to all be piled into the center console but now its much more organized and accessible.
  8. Beans

    First overland trip this past weekend in Maine - Visit to the B-52 crash site.

    Thanks! So those maps were the Maine Delorme Gazetteer. Here is a link to the one for Louisiana. I believe they have them for most states, if not all...
  9. Beans

    Hi from Canada!!

    I would certainly appreciate an update in the future. It's such a cool and vast area up there!
  10. Beans

    Hi from Canada!!

    Welcome! I am in Maine but go to Quebec often for work. I have been noticing some 4x4 looking trails along main roads like autoroute 10. Do you know any thing about these roads? I am hoping to do an overland tour of Quebec, Labrador, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick in the next few...
  11. Beans

    Hello from Massachusetts, thanks to Overland Expo!

    Welcome! I'm in southern Maine and new to overland bound as well.
  12. Beans

    Awesome First Aid Kit Bag

    Awesome! Really glad I found this and shared it!
  13. Beans

    Awesome First Aid Kit Bag

    I can't believe I haven't stumbled across this site before, thanks!
  14. Beans

    SE New Hampshire & S Maine Monthly Meetup

    I'm in Southern Maine but most of my adventuring is up state. I also joined Northeast Overland, they run organized trips. There is the fall foliage tour coming up over Columbus day weekend.
  15. Beans

    Awesome First Aid Kit Bag

    Hi All! I am new here but I wanted to share something I use and really like. I was searching for a first aid kit bag and had trouble finding anything that unrolled and had individual containers. I was skimming the Ozark Trail gear on clearance on (My wife is pregnant and I'm on a...