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    Cordless Chainsaw

    I've been impressed with its little brother (20V 5 AH brushless). Use it around the house and camping, don't need to mess with firing up the big saw. Lasts long enough to be effective. The 60V saw has to be awesome.
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    Hey PA guy looking for trails

    Time for an LS swap. :smilingimp: If it makes you feel better I went to do a burnout in my driveway last night in my mustang and broke the clutch (apparently after 2 years of 4500 RPM 2 step launches it had enough).
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    Hey PA guy looking for trails

    No fun. Headgasket shouldn't be too difficult to fix? If it went out that quick after someone supposedly decked and replaced it for you I'd be a little suspect.
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    Hey PA guy looking for trails

    I've had vehicles fight me to get all the air out after a head gasket change before, a trapped air pocket can be a pain to diagnose. My old turbo setup on the fast toy used to eat head gaskets, I used them like a fusable link.:laughing::laughing:
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    Hey PA guy looking for trails

    Awesome! There are a handful of those signs on 59 actually and how you described them is how I remember. My truck is about back together. Ran out of gas and wire this weekend so need to get my bottle filled and finish her up and I'm game. Also, picked up a boat recently so I have been...
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    Newbie in Pittsburgh PA!

    Welcome from almost straight north.
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    New Member, Western PA.

    Welcome, I'm up in Warren, PA.
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    LED Vs Halogen For Driving Lights

    I may be wrong as I am not an expert, but the spot versus flood thing seems to be a function of the way the housing inside is designed to reflect, not the actual bulb or bulb type. That said, I prefer LED's, mostly for longevity.
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    What do you do for a living?

    Quality Engineer and Inspection Supervisor for a small plant at a Fortune 200 company. Also, own an llc in the middle of the startup phase.
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    Preferred way to cook?

    Over the fire. A lot of times I will sous vide something at home then freeze it in the vacuum bag and finish it on the fire/grill wherever I am. Ribs/pulled pork butts are great this way.
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    Hey PA guy looking for trails

    I am pretty sure they link up with them, been a while since I've been on them. They get low enough traffic that grass grows on them, while the oil pump stuff tends to be full dirt. They're labeled something like Corydon Township, Non-Maintained, Travel at your own risk. If you are on 59, near...
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    New Member 16980 from PA

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    What boots do members wear

    Schnee's Beartooth II or Northface Fast Track Hedgehog GTX
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    Hey PA guy looking for trails

    I'll check it out when the weather breaks/trucks back together. I don't know exactly what the forest service would think about it but it is definitely needed (I am a local IMBA member and help out so I'm sensitive to that side of things).
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    New guy from PA

    Thanks for the welcome. I work in Union City, which is about 20 minutes from erie.