What is the best winch

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So along these lines, what are y’all thoughts on line. Metal or synthetic?
I was in this thought process not too long ago. After weighing the pros and cons of each line I decided to go with a steel cable winch. Less maintenance, lasts alot longer. I also purchased a rough country 12000 lb winch. I picked that winch partially due to the hidden winch plate that I wanted for my truck. I haven't used mine yet but I think it worked out well for me.



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If anyone is looking for a mid-range winch, Amazon has a smoking deal on the Smittybilt X2O Comp 12k winch. This has the synthetic line and meets the IP68 "Water Proof" standards. It is currently going for $503.21. I called one of the largest aftermarket Jeep parts sellers to see if they would match the price... their response was that the price is below what they pay for it.
Thanks! Ordered one on the 10th, got it today, for 499.98. Was looking for a 10k (or so) for my Colorado, but this was much cheaper!
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All depends what You need the winch for... I believe Your blazer is a kind of overlanding in purpose, isn't it? ;-)

If so You need just few fellows in the back pushing You further. Means You need a winch in the front, working simultaneously with engine and being equall to those guys pushing You out.

Thinking so I'd install mechanical winch in the front.

But as we know You can't jump over Your neck - so it's better to back up somethimes, more then heading deeper and deeper in the mud.... then rear winch is crusial. And believe me, talkin overlanding You will back up more often instead of stuck in the nowhere with no help at all.

So: install electric winch in the back.

What I have done and I'm happy


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Warch line speed as you increase capacity. Lots of winches just gear down to change the rating, still using the same parts.

There are definitely some good inexpensive brands out there. I've only had Warns and can't recommend one.
Can't recommend a good inexpensive brand, or can't recommend a Warn? :)


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What winch is the best one. I got a heavy truck still adding things to it it's a 90 K5 Blazer any recommendations
In order - Electric - Warn, Ramsey, Comeup, Superwinch, then all the rest.
Hydraulic - Milemarker, and other industrial type winches which require a PTO to drive a hydraulic pump.

Let’s not beat around the bush here. Warn, Ramsey, Comeup & Superwinch are the industry leaders for very good reasons. If I did indeed do a lot of hard core wheeling, which I don’t, I’d be cutting no corners and go with a Warn or Ramsey. As things are, we may use our winch 3 or 4 times a year. We don’t need fast & reliable, we just need reliable, so 8 years ago I opted for a Superwinch with synthetic line and havent looked back. Just my 2 cents, which may only be worth half a penny