What Did You Do With Your Rig Today?

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I tried to replace my rear brake pads with Powerstop Z23 pads in an effort to get rid of the squeak when driving over rough surfaces. Everything was going great until the last caliper bolt decided to break off inside the slide pin. You know that feeling....

I was all set to try and drill out the broken bolt but I lucked out and when the drill bit finally caught it unscrewed the bolt slightly. Seriously? Did I just get off that easy? Indeed I did. I backed the broken bolt out with my fingers but not before a few curse words had been uttered.

My wife and kid were ready to hit the trail on mountain bikes and this quick job is now screwing with our plans. To make matters worse the truck is parked half way inside the garage with a jack under the rear diff. I need to get the truck outside of the garage so I can close the door but I can't drive it or risk applying the brakes without the caliper bolted in place. *scratches head* Ahh hah!

Now I can put the wheel back on and push the truck out of the garage, gently. Then chock the front wheels so it doesn't roll down our hill. :)

The dealership was closed and Reibes didn't have even a listing of brake parts for our trucks. In desperation I tried ACE hardware but these are hard to find bolts! A call to O'Reilly turned up a bolt and slide pin for $11 and in stock! Turns out while the parts will work they are pretty janky and very lightweight compared to the OEM parts. Hmmm well this will at least get me to the dealership on Monday so I can get the OEM bolt.
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Enjoyed Moab over the Easter Jeep Safari. Chicken Fettuccini for dinner and some red Rock therapy. Great caves, waterfalls and views to explore.



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Loaded up the family yesterday and we rode Old 60 to Lexington for supper. Ate at Macado's there on the main drag, one of our favorite spots.

The wife and I went on our first date at the Macado's in Galax 13.5 years ago and when we lived in Radford, we usually went there for the one meal a month we could afford to eat in a restaurant.