Ursa Minor J30 for Jeep JKU

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Standard Construction

  • Camper cap - white marine gel-coat finish
  • Camper shell - textured black UV stable polymer Line-X bedliner
  • Automotive grade 100 lb pressure gas springs
  • All exterior fasteners 18-8 stainless
  • Engineered composite construction with carbon fiber reinforcements
  • Safety Pole to prevent top from closing due to wind, snow accumulation or gear on racks
  • Marine grade Sunbrella gray canvas
  • Stainless latches

  • Large 2" foam mattress for two adults (87" x 51") with zippered fabric covers
  • Screened openings on all four sides with zip up rain covers over all screens
  • Inside access to sleeping platform via hatchway

  • Two 20" flexible arm white LED reading lights
  • White LED dome lamp
  • Camper power on independent fuse from ignition with kill switch in reach of driver
  • Optional 12 V outlets
  • Optional dual USB 2.0 outletes
  • Optoinal voltmeter

Height Dimensions*
Stock Jeep with OEM Hard Top 71 inches 1.80 m
Increase over OEM Hard Top + 10 inches + .25 m
Jeep with J30 (Stock tires and suspension)
81 inches

2.05 m
With Optional Thule or Yakima Rack Mounts 82 inches 2.1 m
With Optional Rack installed (Towers and Bars) 89 inches 2.25 m
Interior Dimensions
Bed 87 x 51 inches 2.20 x 1.29
Height (in bed area)
44 head, 12 foot

.78 m, .46 m
Standing Room (in Access Way, seat folded down) 6 ft 6 inches 1.98 m
Base J30 Camper Top 265 lbs 120 kg
* Due to difference in unladen weights, use of alternate tires and or suspension changes, total height of installed camper may vary.

Deleted member 16492

Two reviews of the J30

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Expedition Portal Staff / July 13th, 2014


The Road Chose Me: A 200 Night Review of the Ursa Minor J30 Pop-Top
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Hello this looks like an older thread but we purchased our Ursa Minor in 2018 and absolutely love it. Just stays on the Jeep no need to to take it off plus we keep our pillows and sleeping bags up there so it saves some room in the jeep. Great for camping in any weather since the hatches pass right down to the interior of the Jeep, easy to fire up the heat on a cold morning before coffee. I set it up to be able to operate inside the jeep when the weather is not cooperating, my drawers and my fridge can be accessed from the back or from the inside. Built a table as well so I can work on my computer or eat etc. Bigger investment but feel the value is definitely there.

We have been all over the place in the East and the West, most recently an 11 day trip from Colorado to Havasu Falls then back up through Moab, east to Ouray and back up to Golden. Only stayed in one hotel the whole trip (she was ready for a shower!) DSC07911.jpegIMG_3288.jpegIMG_3251.jpegIMG_3284.jpeg
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