Tripod Camp Table

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Here's a fun one! If you are in to photography, like most on this forum are, you likely have a tripod laying around that rarely gets used. And even if you use it, this can easily be reversed or modified to retain it's function. All you need is another mounting plate for your tripod adapter (camera side). And since you probably already travel with it in your vehicle...BOOM! Multi purpose gear....and we ALL love that.

1- Tripod with ballhead or adjustable head of some sort.
1- Quick release (brand of your choosing)
1- Cutting board or other flat surface (I used a Teak Cutting Board from Marshalls, $9.99) Roughly 11x14

Drill a hold in the middle, I counter-sunk mine to maintain a flat surface. Keep in mind the nut or bolt on the bottom can't exceed the mounting surface...otherwise it won't attached/lay flat on the tripod. You may have to cut the bolt down (I did). Attach the quick release and WHAALA....
You now have a fully customizable-to-any-terrain table. Want to level it? Lay your phone on the table, open your level app and adjust the bubble level and ball head to suit.

Thank me later & You're welcome.

Tag Me if you build one...
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Love it. I would like to make one.
Could you post a picture of the "ingredients"...I can't visualize the quick release nor the type of adjustable head on tripod.

Thank you.


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Brilliant! I’m going to make one today. I’ve had a tripod rolling around in the back of my daily driver for years. Since cell phone cameras are so incredible today, I haven’t found a need for my camera tripod. Thanks for the idea!
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