Trailer build axle issue

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So I’m building an off road trailer i did the axle flip and moved the spring perch’s and it looks like the passenger side wheel is slightly turned out and the drivers side is turned in. I loosened it back up to see if there might be a little play in it or I could move it and I couldn’t. I’m kinda stumped


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Most trailer axles have a slight bend to them to help accommodate the load. You didn't get the axle flipped exactly 180 degrees so that bend is causing your off-axis turn-in/-out. Instead of flipping the axle, get a relatively cheap over-under swap kit. This may not be the exact kit you need, but it will get your search started.

when you install the spring seats\perches your axle most likely was not perfectly vertical during the install, the slightest tilt forward or backward of the axle will change the geometry of the wheel alignment whether it kicks the wheel inward on one side vs kicking the wheel outward on other side. Turning the axle left to right or 180 degrees will not cure the problem you have. Most trailer axles are cambered\arched for a reason, it compensates the load so the tires are planted evenly on the road & wears evenly when the load is applied. Dexter Flip Kit or over under kit will solve the problem. It does away with miscalculating the seat's in the wrong position.


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Great information, I used ordered a new Dexter Axle with the same bold pattern as my Jeep, gives me more options with a spare, when ordering I requested the spring over option and it worked great.