This is AWESOME!!!

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Looks very cool the questioni have iscan the app handle large area down loads. I would be willing to pay for a reliable app that. Can handle a whole state. The old lowrance dedicated gps you could state wide coverage At a decent zoom level. I have not been able to find anything that offers the entire state let alone the western states on a single map with zoom capabilities to level. 15. That’s the game changer for me and I would pay for it if it worked seamless ly. Even better if it could projected on to my Uconnect in the jl


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My thoughts, take them with a grain of salt...

Looks like it will need a lot of data bandwidth and processor. Which isn't necessarily a problem.

Based on the preview the video, a lot of functionality is still going to require a data connection to your mobile provider (Verizon, AT&T, etc), which isn't possible a lot of places. So, still going to need a SatCom device like Garmin Inreach and probably a Ham radio as well. Depending on how much is downloadable for offline use, it could be a good competitor to GAIA and dedicated GPS devices. The 3D and AR (augmented reality) doesn't really do much for me though when I'm bouncing down a very remote 2-track. To replace GAIA and a dedicated GPS, definitely focus development efforts on the basics -- map display, GPX track recording, route navigation, and routing itself.