Theory vs reality

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Honestly what it comes down to is awareness. You can be doing the most sketchy dangerous thing in the world, but if you are aware of that fact you will probably make it. On the other hand you can be doing everything as safely as possible, but become tunnel visioned and have an accident, I have seen it both ways working in a shop, hell both have happened to me.
Example I have done 6" lift springs on the front of a 78 K10 with just a high lift, we knew what we were doing was sketchy but we pulled it off. On the other hand I recently was replacing the forward drive differential/ power devider in a Frieghtliner. I was in my shop, all safety tools were in place. While moving the differential it shifted, allowed my straps to loosen and came off the jack, it fell about 3' to the floor nearly hitting my leg and foot. Ironically the second example is where I came closest to injury, because I honestly trusted my safety equipment too much, I became complacent.
I have experienced parallels to this in car racing, motorcycling, and shooting.


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We all see these things. There's a guy down the road from where I work. I see his Wrangler everyday I work. Full on overland setup driven to work every day. He may use it or he may not, I can't say for sure but hauling around 1000 lbs of extra gear to go back and forth to work seems.......wasteful to me. I dunno, not my money not my problem.

Boostpowered, don't forget we live in Texas. The offroading opportunies here are few and far between, unlike the western half of the US where I'm pretty confident you could explore for the rest of your life and not see all the public access areas they have out there.

I'm one of those people that avoids mud if I can. If it's in the way yeah I'll go though it but I'm not purposely going though mud just because it's there. I hate the cleanup afterwards ha. One of the things I really miss about being out west is the desert in the low lands and the mountains.

I havent been able to find anyone to offroad with me since 1999 when i drove a nissan pathfinder
To me that's not such a bad thing. I'm more of an introvert so there's very few people I enjoy spending large chunks of time with. And it takes a while to find folks that I enjoy spending time with. The silence of camping in a dispersed spot with no one around it quite enjoyable :)
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