SW Idaho Overlanding

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SW Idaho
Reminder that this trip is a week and a half away. Hope to see you there, George.

Sep 28-30, 2019
Time: 7:00am
Meet Place: TA Truck Stop 4115 Broadway Ave, Boise, ID 83705
Destination: Bennett Hills
Estimated Duration: 3 days
Estimated Distance: 400 miles (combined)
Comms Channels: HAM=146.480, GRMS=17, CB=13
Zello Channel (phone app): SW Idaho Overlanding and 4x4

SW Idaho is heading to South Central Idaho to look at some rocks! Yes...rocks. If you like rocks this might be the trip for you...

This trip is a base camp style trip. Meaning there will be a easily accessible base camp in rocks with outings on Saturday and Sunday to...You guessed it! Look at Rocks. We will even be driving over rocks on some portions of the outings.

Day 1: Plan is to drive into and set up a base camp. We should be at the camp area by 10:30.
After base camp is set up we will head out to check out two caves. The road to the caves is fairly rocky for a few miles. Meaning slow driving and need of good tires.
After checking out the caves and if enough time is available we will head back to camp on another primitive road.

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The road to the caves is rocky and slow going for the first few miles (about 6). Good tires are recommended for this section of road. It is also pretty narrow in some areas and could cause some pin striping. Dirt and two track the rest of the way to the caves. Caves are not very technical and fairly easy to travers from what I have read on one and prior visit of the other. The primitive road back to camp I have no info on, but I do not think it gets much use so may have same hazards as mentioned above.

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Day 2: Heading out to check on some points of interest and more rocks in a canyon. I am not anticipating anything too hazardous on this route. Probably mostly dirt with some two track travel. A bit of hiking is planned to check out some points of interest. Usually under 1 mile round trip.

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Day 3: Get up, eat, and head back home.

Base camp will be at a interesting place which will be fun to explore on down time. Literally you can walk 10 feet and be in some cool places.

Late September will be starting to get cold so prepare for cold nights and possible cool days.

I set this up as a base camp trip for those who might just want to hang out at camp instead of bumping around out in the desert all day. So if you know someone like that bring them along.

This is not a guided tour and all who attend are ultimately responsible for their own safety. I am not responsible for damage, injury and or death. You partake under your own free will knowing the dangers of such activities.

See you on the Trails, George.
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