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Des Moines, WA, USA
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If there is a meet up, I would be interested in joining. I'm new to Overland Bound and looking forward to meeting new people. I'm in Des Moines so if there are any South Sound gatherings I am open to joining.
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Artondale, WA, USA
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Looks like there is a fair amount of interest in doing a get together to introduce ourselves and have a beer (or whiskey!). I tried looking at the member map in order to see what would be a central spot for meeting but it does not appear that everyone shows up. I see we have folks in Tacoma, Des Moines, Olympia and Port Orchard. What would people consider a central location where we could have a drink and be able to look at everyone's rigs?


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wanna plan on something around the 25th of May? I'm in Tacoma but willing to drive if the majority of people are somewhere else. Somewhere with beer is good. Back in Idaho we would always have meets at pizza buffet's. Any good ones around?
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Bremerton, WA, USA
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This sounds like fun. It would be great to meet up with people in the area. Due to my son's travel baseball schedule, it will be hit or miss with me depending on the date chosen.