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  1. Moonshiner4x

    FOR SALE For Sale - BEND, OREGON - Roofnest Condor, like new - $2800 - local pickup only

    Bought late spring last year. Used about ~12 nights. Had a opportunity to go with a James Baroud setup, so letting this one go. If you are not familiar with this RTT, you can have a look at Roofnest's webstie -
  2. Justinwrites

    South Puget Sound members

    Hey All, I see a number of us are in the South Puget Sound region, some even in Olympia with me. Anyone interested in a coffee or beer meet up?
  3. CascadiaJ

    New member from Oregon, looking for groups to explore Cascadia with!

    Hey All, Im excited about this community, I happened on it by chance through searching for Subaru Forester rigs on youtube (thanks FozRoamer!). I'm pretty new to this type of thing but it's something I have always wanted to get into and I finally have a vehicle that I am confident in taking...
  4. Dustin S. Godtfring

    OB Spokane Weekly Greet And Meet

    Meet and Greet at wherever the group decides? Maybe meet up someplace to eat, have coffee/ whatever you like to drink and or then go hit some trails or goto to Seven Mile Orhv park or something like that? To show off your rig and your skills behind the wheel?