Sometimes I think we've gone too far.

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San Dimas, Ca.
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I have a friend who's moto is "You be you, don't be a dick", I'm in the same camp. I am a old school guy, it goes in and comes out when I set up a camp. Ground tent, super ice chest, Camp partner stove sitting atop the cooking table, swap meet awning (when I am posting up), 2gal garden pump shower, 4x4 built to fit my life style not for looks.

I am kinda cheap and don't replace stuff unless it needs it. I look at some folks and just shake my head. If it doesn't help me get someplace I don't add it to the rig. RTT's, big slab sided tents, slide out kitchens, stuff hanging off my truck full time, just isn't for me. I would rather spend my money on gas and toys.(Who says 8 surfboard or 30 fishing rods is to many). I will kit my truck for the trip. if I am driving more, the awning, dining table, the dry-ice chest stays home. If I am going unsupported for 2 week in to Baja to surf or fish, it all goes.

I am playing with the idea with taking 6-7 years to drive the southern Pan American, if I do, I'll replace the back of the truck with a flatbed and a pop top with a bunch of bells and whistles. maybe even a oven. I'll look just like everybody else.
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This topic is very good, makes me fell good about myself seeing there are a lot bigger "hoarders" than I am.. :) . I am joking, each to his own.. :)

So far I only carry a couple of swags, a modest awning, a normal cheap gas cooker, I do have a dual battery setup for what I would call medium size 40l fridge, a jerry can for water. and some recovery gear ( nothing fancy, a shovel and some maxtrax ), that is all.
On the other hand, I would admit that my issue is with vehicles. I have a less than 2 year old one that I plan to sell to get something else. This will be my 4' th vehicle in 7 years, I worked my way up from a 4 k ( at the time ) 2006 forester, and the next one will be a 64k defender.. quite a big jump...
I had J120 Landcruiser prado that i loved, but it was already to old an and breaking down non stop.. maybe I should have try to save it. I loved that thing and I guess I am trying to get the same feeling back and I hope this defender will do it.
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Sandy Eggo
Whew! What a relief!! I thought you were making a comment on Society..:grinning:.
Oh, on that front no question at all.

The Bride just signed us up for a subscription service for dog chew toys. The initial sign-up gift is a Yeti dog bowl.

Whiskey Tango...

A stainless steel, double wall, vacuum insulated, non-skid base for a dog bowl?

My dogs now have a fancier, more high-tech bowl than any bowl I have ever eaten from. And for what purpose? Do my dogs need ice water that will stay cold all day? (Umm... Did anyone at Yeti notice that this thing lacks a lid?) Or am I supposed to serve them hot soup in it? (Experience tells me dogs don't really like their food hot.)

I think Diogenes would skip straight from the lantern all the way to just bashing folks over the head with a rock.

Yes, we have gone too far.
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