OB Approved So You Want To Be A HAM? (US Edition)

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I realise that this is a US specific thread but does anyone if this information is usable to study for the Canadian test, I have been having slight difficulties finding easy to read study material that doesn't involve joining a ham club.

I'm not sure how things work in Canada but I do know how we do things where I live. My Ham Club sponsors a Technician and General class at least once a year. You do NOT have to be a member of the club to take the free class but we appreciate the support if you care to join us.

I'm almost done teaching the current Technician class going on now. My club decided to "sponsor" the entire class's (12) test fee of $15 also.

My advice for those that are interested in becoming a Ham or "upgrading" their license is to look around for a club and see what they have to offer. Some clubs are interested in getting new Hams started and some just aren't interested in them. It costs nothing to check them out and see what they offer.
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