SmittyBuilt RTT Overlander XL???????

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Kirk Kinnell

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When in search for RTT @ the 1st of my trailer build last year, I looked & researched many of them out their. Designs & materials were pretty close to the same. Price isn't a issue with me. I heard from forums that Smittybilt Overlander Tents were junk. As "for me" I do not always believe what I hear or read. But when you go on-line & check out actual reviews they say a different story, other wise positive reviews. The reason why I purchased the Smittybilt Roof Top Tent was I have a good friend who works for them (NO I didn't get a friend deal either). Their was also some video's on you tube that kinda help me decide to go with Smittybilt by 410 Expeditions "Cappy" about the 1st Gen Smittybilt RTT review & a second review on the 2nd Gen Smittybilt RTT he made. These video's pretty much sealed the deal with me. Smittybilt has been making vast changes & improvements to their product lines & contines to do so. What verifies this even more is that Smittybilt made a huge improvement on the Annex for the 2783 tent by moving the entrance to the annex over to the side, when it used to be in the front of the ladder.

Watching both of those video's plus talking with my friend who works for Smittybilt the vast improvements Smittybilt continuously makes on there product line is only a good asset & shows me they do care about their products.

Now the mattress stinks, no if's, and's or but's about it, it is flat out uncomfortable. But what I read about "most" RTT mattresses seem to be this way. But after researching for a new mattress & reading about make shift solutions on forums I decided to go with a new whole mattress: Exped Duo Mega Mat 10 Queen Size extra long\extra wide. This mattress is like sleeping on my home mattress which is tempurpedic mattress.…

I own the Smittybilt 2783 RTT for some time now. My overall review of this tent from "my opinion" when I 1st purchased it to now with many trips & nights slept in it from cold night down low as 23 degrees & hot southern summer nights in the 80's & in windy rainy conditions w\ the new mattress that aids in comfort to our RTT is a win win for Sally & I. The tent is structually sound & IMO will give years of use w\o issues., assuming the typical little things will go: velcro straps & small items which IMO are give me's to any RTT which in time from continuous use will need to be replaced or fixed.

IMO a good quailty anti condensation mat is a must, which mine is a CVT mat, & a shoe hammock instead of that horrible designed shoe bag. The shoe bag we used to store our Coleman collapsible oven in. What I like & think that works for Sally & I is any personal mod's or add-on's to the RTT only makes for more of a enjoyable & memorable camping trip.
Compact Camping Concepts sells these shoe hammocks.…/tent-sho…
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This. Outstanding perspective and review.
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My wife and I absolutely love it! So happy that we don't have to struggle with a zipper to hold the cover on like some other brands. Velcro closure is no joke! The tent material is a touch lighter than some of the more pricey brands but still just as heavy as any quality ground tent material. I do wish the LED light strip came with a switch in the tent. Other than that I have had ZERO complaints!!!View attachment 64829

Amazon has a USB dimmer mad by Onite. I think it was $8.00 for a 2 pack

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This might be a dumb question but how do your vehicles handle the tent while going down the highway? There must be wind noise but how about fuel economy and wind drag?
I have an F150 Ecoboost with a shell on the back. The shell has a factory rack where the tent would sit, if I get one.


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Custom made Jeep off-road camping trailer. It started out as a sea doo trailer frame. The tongue was cut down for a shorter look. The original c channel axle was cut and extended 7 inches to fit the couragia 285/75/16 mud tires. It has 2 tires and three cragar wheels. The fenders came off a Vietnam m416 trailer. The actual box on the trailer is vacuum sealed and waterproof. It also comes with a 5 gallon gas can mounted to it. Has a roof rack welded to the top. Has a hitch mounted to the rear but it’s not weight tested. I used it for a carry haul and a flag pole. Comes with tow rope wrapped around the tongue.