RTT on Camper shell?

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I have ordered my camper shell and have spoken with a few people. I ended up on the Snugtop Rebel with reinforced roof and racks. Don't think it really matters which tent you get as long as your camper shell is reinforced. I'll let you know how it turns out!


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If I were to get a RTT to put on my camper shell, I think I would go with a Yakima Skyrise HD. The reason why I like the Yakima RTT, other than that I have Yakima round cross bars already on my shell, is that the Yakima can be installed in different configurations, i.e. either open to the side or back. As much as I like the hard shell RTT, it wouldn't work for me, at least not the ones I've been looking at where the opening/ladder only goes on the back where the rear camper shell window would open. Plus the hard shell and others seem to be in the 150-200lb weight range.

The Yakima Skyrise HD medium size is 115lbs. The small size is 101lbs. Not only the size, but the RTT clamp is super easy to use. Just twist and lock.

Here's a picture of their non-HD model but pictured on a camper shell. Their first generation models are even lighter. The small is just 95lbs.

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Snug makes a great shell. Make sure the Side windows open for ease of use.

Story: We and 2 friends headed out to a surfpoint in Baja in the 80's. we were driving F350, 4 door with Snug on the back.The road became very narrow, I was in the back behind the driver. The driver asks the passenger to watch his side of the road so we do not drive off, we go off and slide to the bottom of the ditch. The entire truck came to rest on the Sung. spent the night sideways off the road. When we got it upright and on the road, the Snug was scratched and a bit of the jell coat had chipped. I have only considered and purchased Snug ever since .


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I’m running a Leer 100XQ camper shell with a Tepui Ultralite Kukenam Sky 3 RTT mounted on Thule Crossbars. The tent weighs 108lbs. I’m about 180lbs currently and I'm the only one sleeping in the tent. I haven’t had any issues. Tent has currently been mounted on the shell for about 5 months straight and I daily drive the truck.


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