Rio Grande Valley Represent!! - OB SouthWest TX

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Roger Jeffery

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Harlingen, TX
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@AGENT-X @Hachi WELCOME!! Good to see OB member growth here in the Valley!! Ive been here for about 6 years now and just joined OB last year. Ive reached out to some of the other Valley members from the OB map, but no real luck on communication. No pressure though. Hoping to link up, hangout, go wheeling, and whatnot. I frequently hit up the Island and explore past Access 6. Its pretty fun crossing over from the surf side to the bay side. Great views!!
Hello Daniel, I Recently Joined also live in Harlingen TX. Mostly into the camping side of overlanding and Mountain Biking.
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Jace Skyshark

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Katy, Texas, USA
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Daniel has a current ongoing thread about S. Texas monthly meet up that I have tagged you in.

I also see you are a ham operator. We have a weekly echolink net on Friday nights @ 7:30 central time.
Echolink Node 591550 (USA-GNG)
Most of us use the Echolink app but do enjoy the repeater check ins.
If you would like to join in (we would like to have you) and need any help let me know.
Can you link the thread?
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