Rig Mileage

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10K is like a huge budget for me...
Do you turn your own wrenches? Does it have to look fancy or are you ok with dents and scratches? How many people/how long are you wanting to go out exploring? What are you wanting to tow? If its just you and another person, you can get away with a TJ Wrangler, even with a 4-banger it will be ok though the 4.0 is preferred. It won't win any drag races but will get you there. Mild lift and 31s will take you tons of places. Can tow a small trailer easy, like a pop up, but one of those huge overlandy 40K jobs...eh...maybe? I bought my Cherokee for $500 and it came with dozens of free angry hornets!
In all seriousness, the more you're willing/able to turn wrenches the further that 10K will go. 7 years later I might have 10K total in my Jeep, but its old, gets bad gas mileage, doesn't have a/c, and always seems like im tweaking this or that. But it is highly capable off road, has oodles of storage, and the kids love it.
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