Reddish Knob & Flagpole Knob, VA, 3/7/20

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Charlottesville, VA, USA
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Megathread of my trip to Reddish and Flagpole Knobs in GWNF!

The trip took about 1.5 hours from my place, most of that was time on the trail. Beautiful day to be in the Blue Ridge Mountains! Not a cloud in the sky. Had some great food, great beverages, and met some great people on the trail. I couldn’t be more pleased with how the Taco performed! I would say these trails were moderate difficulty for most people. I didn’t have any rubbing whatsoever, even at full lock and articulation. Hope you enjoy the pics!

I chose to air down on some of the trails due to how rocky they were, and I’m glad I did.77D4356C-6070-4CBD-A9A6-73F16A308D5C.jpeg594F0900-1EAD-4741-9966-C4938CEA2017.jpeg4CF04C9F-3D8C-482B-9718-0B9D8D0F484B.jpegCCA080DD-0A44-45A5-B2D4-753BD6D54EDD.jpeg
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