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  1. 804Tacoma

    Reddish Knob & Flagpole Knob, VA, 3/7/20

    Megathread of my trip to Reddish and Flagpole Knobs in GWNF! The trip took about 1.5 hours from my place, most of that was time on the trail. Beautiful day to be in the Blue Ridge Mountains! Not a cloud in the sky. Had some great food, great beverages, and met some great people on the trail. I...
  2. 804Tacoma

    Someone Explain Why My Wheels Are Rubbing

    Hey everyone. I just purchased a set of Pacer 164P 17x9 (4.53" backspace and -12mm offset) and Patriot 33x12.50 R17 mud tires to be mounted on my 2019 Tacoma. I have a Rough Country 3" front lift and 2" rear lift. Before I purchased these wheels and tires I mounted my brother's (albeit...