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My build started out as a 2014 Ram 1500 reg cab short bed 4x4. So far I have leveled it with Rancho quick lift struts. To help the 5.7 breath better it has a K&N cold air intake. I ditched the factory 20s for some more functional 17' Method Wheels with 285 75 17 Nitto Trail Grapplers. The bumpers are from Expedition One in Ogden Utah. The bumpers are prototypes that were custom built on the truck so if interested in bumpers on 2014 and newer ram 1500 call and ask. The winch is a Smitty Bilt x2o 10,000. All the breathers are raised with the ARB Relocation manifold.20141110_162304.jpg 20141110_162327.jpg 20150831_105308.jpg 20150825_170858.jpg 2015-08-25 17.11.31.jpg 20150828_172244.jpg
Things to be added full belly pan skid plates and rock rails.
Let me know what you think and things I should add.



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Nice truck man! I'm not sure if you have intake yet but I highly recommend the vararam intake setups. They net some great hp and torque numbers and they are just down right sexy!!

Those bumpers are sick to btw!

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Good looking rig, looks very functional.


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Nice truck man! Make sure to keep us up to date as the build progresses. We love hearing about upgrades, mods and overlanding adventures!


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The AEV snorkel is only for the 2500. I wish they made one for the 1500.
Hey Conrad, the ARB snorkel will work with the 1500's as well. A user by the name of PatrickDaubert on RamRebel.org installed one on his new Rebel.

I take no credit for this picture and it is not mine. It is his picture that I copied this from on one of his threads on RamRebel.org


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I have been looking for a locker for quite some time. By doing some research I found that Ram switched from the Chrysler 9.25 to a Corporate 235 but all the specs seemed to be the same. 9.25 inch ring gear, 31 spline axle shafts, c-clip shafts... So I ordered the powertrax lockright for the chrysler 9.25 and gave it a try. I am happy to report everything fit as it should and the function test worked.
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