Puncture Repair Kits

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What is everyone using for puncture repair kits? I have a cheap no-name kit that I'd like to upgrade to a better one that has stronger tools. ARB makes one that I know some people use, but I'm curious if there are better or better-for-the-money (and space) kits out there. ARB tends to bank off the brand, despite many of their products being made in China in the same factory as the no-name product (their tire deflator comes to mind).

This one from Boulder Tools looks more complete and is a few dollars cheaper.
This is another one.

So what is everyone using, and do you recommend it?


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I just ordered two of the cheaper kits that only have the handles, plugs and lube. I figure I already carry the pliers. I think the kit was $17?

The plastic case will go away too. I keep my kit in a zipper pouch so it takes up less space in the tool box.
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Safety Seal is the tried and true kit IMHO. Personally I’ve got the kit from Powertank only because it was on sale and made it a little less than the Safety Seal at the time. It has always worked great.

Comes in a tool roll now. Mine is 10 years old so it’s in the typical blown plastic case.
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I’ve plugged at least 957 tires with your basic plugs and driver. Had to plug a guys tire on the GA traverse in the middle of Johns Mountain wma. Used one of the cheap plugs and it lasted for months after the trip. All ya need

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I can't say much about the other brands since I have no personal experience with them. I have plenty with the safety seal brand. Stick with a kit that comes with metal handled tools. the plastic will break. Back when I worked in the shop we had a kit in each tow truck. All safety seal we never broke one in the 15 years I was there. I've sold shops several of the metal handled replacement tools when their cheaper (plastic handles) kits fail.