Post pictures of your camp kitchen

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Only second time out with the trailer this weekend. Added the 4' fold out table which helped a lot. Still have A LOT of work to do. Made a bunch of notes this weekend. Will be reading this entire thread for ideas. Food storage in right side of silver box on the front. Kitchen stuff in front open box. Plan on making some drawers and organizers. Sick of digging in the purple thing when I need something. One cool thing I have done is glue/sew little neodymium magnets onto pot holders and dish towels so they stick to the boxes and rack.
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love this setup! I'm also using Sidio crates - what is the frame you have them stored in?
Thanks! Yeah the Sidio crates are pretty handy. It was difficult to find something that wasnt too bulky. My company builds camper interiors, its one of our racks. Check us out if you have a chance: or on insta: @casperexped.
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Still getting ours worked out, we are getting stupid organized (labeled sm/md/lg containers) changing containers in the box , sections organized, etc etc…. Also trying to figure out a easy, well functional water system in the truck…. Never ends lol


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Found an image on my phone from long time ago that shows my chuck box organization. I still keep it this way.

What I love about this box is that it is light (the one's I've made from scratch, even from 3/8" ply, end up 30-40 lbs empty); holds everything I need, and can be moved easily from van to trailer tailgate, to work counter, or back porch. Wherever I want it.

The lid is deep enough to leave my stove, and two sauté pans with lids, two plates, and a couple shallow bowls on the orange tray and still close the lid. The lid also comes off if I need to use it for washing clothes, or standing in for shower, etc.

The box itself holds a voluminous amount and is quite deep front to back. I'm making drawers for sections that don't have one, so I can just pull the drawer to get what's at back (spices, etc) instead of unloading that whole section.

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Lid still closes with stove and all that's on the tray.
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When I get to camp and have my trailer set up with counter, I take the whole TV tray, pans and all, and put it on my small GSI Collapsible Micro Table, which fits nice and snug on the tire. Leaves more room on my counter.

I have the same chuck box! Just got it last year, havent used it yet, but its packed and ready to go. Holds all the mess gear for two of us. The top lid contains my grill for a fire, and a gas one single burner stove, as well as a collapsible sink. This chuck box is just the right size for me, as its the same size as my camp boxes. I am excited to use this this year!
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Nice outdoor kitchen, we also have a Four Wheel Camper. They are a great way to travel!
Thanks! I previously had a small "adventure" teardrop which I also loved, but overall I like the FWC better. The nicest thing about the teardrop was the whole kitchen being "outside" and at ground level... but as you can see I've figured out how to do almost all of my cooking outside w/ the FWC too! ;) I see you're in Novato, I technically live in Vegas but work in Palo Alto and keep my truck/FWC in Palo Alto and base my trips from here.