US West Pleasanton, CA - Meet and Greet - 01/12/2019

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Planning on going, with the wife and 2 boys. Did someone make reservations?
I haven't made one yet. I've spoken with them and they do take reservations for parties of 8 or more. It looks like we will have more than that based off of the Rally Point attendees list. However, I'm not sure we will need one since we will be there between lunch and dinner, which should be slow anyways.
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I am in the back part of the park lot where there is plenty of parking. View attachment 81753
Map props to @RedBeard for organizing such a cool event today. I had a great time meeting all you guys and learning about everyone’s setup. A great turnout with some super kickass rigs. Awesome to see them all lined up.

I really look forward to wheeling with this group. I had a ton of fun and we didn’t even to leave the parking lot!

Thanks again John for putting it together.