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Centreville, Fairfax County, Virginia, United States
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I thought it would be cool to have thread where we could discuss photography, camera gear, and maybe share some samples of our work. I'm totally an amateur, but I love learning more about this hobby so feel free to critique any of my "work".

So, to start things off;

What camera are you using?

Mine is a Nikon D5000

I'll post some pictures later...


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Green Valley, AZ
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Nikon D600 - I do primarily landscape, timelapse, and travel videos, or promotional videos for non-profits in our area at no charge. I also use a couple of GoPros and a DJI Mavic Air 2. But being in southern Arizona, it might be a tad far to make a meetup in Virginia! I was stationed at Quantico in the early 1980s, and it was a nice place.
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Loveland, Colorado
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Nothing fancy but here are some pix of my solo run Friday. It was 107 at the bottom and 102 at Crown King, 7200ft elevation
My gopro mounted on the windshield crapped out due to the heat. I started the trail just north of Phoenix at Lake Pleasant and and wound up the mountains for over 70 miles of single lane unmaintained rough and rocky old mining trail.

It starts out as graded road but quickly goes to unmaintained.

Here is the super highway portion. By the time I got to the more primitive part, it was just too hot to stop.

This is the only vehicle I saw all day until the end.
Crown King Hood.jpg

Looking back at Lake Pleasant.

Crown King 1.jpg

Much of the vistas were obscured by wild fire smoke.

Crown King 2.jpg

Crown King 3.jpg

This was a scouting trip without the trailer. Found lots of opportunities to camp, but this lake was off limits. Hope to go back after they get some rain, it greens up, and cools down a bit. We are in the middle of a 100 year draught, now is the time when they normally get their rain, but not a drop for 6 months.


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On the road in North America
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I have a Nikon D850 really enjoy landscape photography. My pictures are posted on would enjoy chating
Or maybe a group meet up. Fairfax Va
Checked out your site, @McpJeep; thanks for linking it.

VERY cool images. There's a lot there to like. I recognized more than one spot, from the Grist Mill to the Blue Ridge Mtn haze and more.

I've worked a lot down in NoVa over the years and next time I'm down through there would love to get together somewhere for a meal or coffee to talk photography.

I LOVE my D850. It's been my go-to camera for several years. A lot of the glass I purchased, even before having a full frame digital, was with having a full-frame like the D850 in mind; especially for night sky shooting. I became so enamoured with night sky shooting that I'd stay up all night so often I didn't do as much golden and blue hour landscapes as I'd like, though was so often in prime landscape territory to do so.

There's not much I treasure more than being alone out under the darkest night skies I can find and shooting all night long.

Most of the below was done during solo-adventures, off-grid and away, when I could run my own schedule far away from the madness for weeks and months at a time.

A few of the images I've done with mine:

Road Along the Rio Bravo del Norte

I love the illustrative quality of this. Its not about stellar sharpness or crispness, but about the mood, the feeling, of when I was there. I see this image as being an illustration to a novel, or kid's book even, about mystery and coming darkness of night.

There are so many stars when in good dark sky country that even well-known constellations like Orion, commonly seen around the world, start to blend in with others. You can see Orion's belt in the left quarter of the image above.

Chihuahuan Desert Sunrise

Old fallen volcanic mountain range at dawn. Not that spectacular of an image, pano-print-wise, but I love it. After having wandered around the desert all night scouting future photo op locations, then watching the lone planet and cantaloupe sky emerging, and wanting to add more panoramic images to my port, I grabbed this one. All fuel for future fires.

Moonset Over Mexico

This was a lucky shot. Had the right lens on after shooting 180 the other way for hopefully dark sky and rising Milky Way and waiting for the moon to set behind me for darker skies, I spun around and saw this. Shutter drag and all, I love it.

Jupiter telling me the Milky Way is about to rise.


Apache Moonrise

This is a rare watering spot where Apaches were known to stop to rest on their way to and from raiding trips into Mexico.

Simple shot really, with time exposure and a simple handheld Streamlight pocket light to illuminate the tree. I'd like to work on perfecting and blending the lighting.

Space Cowboy

Anyone know that ref?

I love this image. Another one that on its own is not that spectacular to some. For me, I'm transported instantly to endless nights wandering and shooting all night, alone in deep darkness, marveling at our tiny place in the Universe.


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Las Vegas, NV, USA
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Wildrose charcoal kilns, Death Valley. Went here for the first time last night. Soon as I started photographing the kilns a small SUV pulls up ( this is down the end of about a 30 mile road in DV mind you). Turns out it was a tourist from Detroit that wanted to see the kilns and just hang out. (at 10:30 - in the middle of nowhere) Anyway, if you ever get the chance, they are definitely worth the trip to see. There are 10 of these each about 25 feet high with walls that look to be three feet thick. Built in the 1800's but look almost new.
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