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Phoenix, Arizona, USA
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Wife takes the pics, I pay for the gear. It's black and makes clicky noises when you push the button

Should have noted that the pics were taken at Sheeps Bridge North of Phoenix, AZ. You can't tell by the blue sky in the pics but about three hours after these shot the sky's unexpectedly ripped open. We got out just in time while dragging a 3" 's in thirty minutes storm back to hard road.


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I just recently found this area of the forum. I must have missed it before. my rig consists of a fujifilm x-s1, x-10, iphone 8 and a lightweight lowepro backpack. I am now switching to a new backpack so I can take a carbon fiber tripod/monopod combo with me. I am also looking for a video stabilization rig for my iphone for our upcoming videos for our travel blog about travelling with someone on the autism spectrum. I have seen videos from the iphone and they are really good quality for what we are doing. Just need something to hold some extra lenses, microphone and some stabilization.

I love the photos that come from my fujifilm cameras. You can till that the photos came from a fuji. I like that fact that I have all the lens I need right on the end of the x-s1, and when in situations where I don't need a massive zoom, the x10 takes photos exactly the same as the x-s1 as they have the same sensor, and processing engine.


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Nahant Ma.
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These are the majoirty of pics I take, because if you own a land cruiser 80. well you know. I alwyas used a nikon p900 or p1000 but recently made the jump to mirrorless, mostly to try and capture the milky way and other boides we cannot see in northeast. got a canon EOS R and even though its serious, its been pretty easy to use. lots of how to videos on youtube have and are helping. 5864869E-3859-4A40-8E84-EB7A36DB10AC.jpgAB53D4AB-05B9-4D5B-886B-9A5E2E23B4A8.jpg
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Just a handful of images taken on some of this year's adventures. My main objective on my trips is to photograph the country - You'll see quite a few images from me. Look forward to creating many more and seeing photos from the group!

Sinkyone Wilderness - Lost Coast (before starting on the Subaru build)
View attachment 112073

Yosemite Valley - Cathedral Spires and El Capitan
View attachment 112068

Lassen Volcanic National Park - Reflection Lake and Mount Lassen
View attachment 112070

Lassen Volcanic National Park - Mount Lassen and Lake Helen
View attachment 112069

Sierra Buttes from Lower Sardine Lake
View attachment 112071
Nice work!!
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