Overlanders supporting a great cause

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Knapps Over

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This past Sat, Nov 11th, Veterans Day I attended NJ's Jeeps in the Vineyard. It was an awesome showing of Jeepers and their riggs. Were there any Overland Bound members in attendance?
I had a table set up, as an ambassador to Mission 22, bringing awareness to Veteran and 1st Responder suicide. I had a very warm welcome and people interested in getting educated and helping. I've always known that the off-road and overlanding enthusiasts were warm-hearted and patriotic but the support I received was amazing. I am continuing my campaign of awareness and education and making Outdoor shows, 4x4 and overlanding events my focus.
If you have a club event coming up and would like to support this noble cause let me know. I'll personally attend if I can but otherwise I can try to get a local ambassador there in my place. In the meantime hopefully, I'll see you on the trail.

Tom K
Mission 22, Knapps over


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