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  1. Knapps Over

    Overlanders supporting a great cause

    This past Sat, Nov 11th, Veterans Day I attended NJ's Jeeps in the Vineyard. It was an awesome showing of Jeepers and their riggs. Were there any Overland Bound members in attendance? I had a table set up, as an ambassador to Mission 22, bringing awareness to Veteran and 1st Responder...
  2. canadianoverlanders

    Who still uses TJ/LJ's for Overlanding

    Hi folks, I have a couple questions: 1. Who still has a TJ or LJ Jeep platform and still overlands with it? 2. Do you have it lifted and armoured up? 3. Do you tow a trailer to overland? I am just curious. We just finished an overland trip to BC and back in our Jeep namely to pick up a off-road...