My basecamp water container

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Details on the pump? Where did you source it? Is it food grade? Does it turn on and off automatically?
I got it at Princess Auto ( 12V 200 GPH Bilge Pump | Princess Auto ). It's not food grade. The little water that we use for cooking or coffee gets boiled first. Some comes from this tank plus we usually have a small amount of bottled water. I use it mainly for cleaning and dish washing. It will also supply my on demand water heater when I get it hooked up. I installed an in-line switch to control the pump.


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Water is mission critical idem for me. The reliance jugs have always failed me, just bad luck(?). I use 2 gal Nalgene containers from my climbing days 35 years and still going strong. I also use a Coleman 20lt water jug, its over 15 years.
The reason this forum is so cool because f the sharing of ideas and gear. I really like the water pump idea, I have been using 1lt Nalgene around camp for most of my requirement, I might change that.


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I like the pump ideas and will have to think about that more. I also really like the Sceptr tanks and may invest in those later. But for now I ended up getting a 4-gal Reliance tank to augment my existing 7-gal Reliance tank. I think that will give me the safety margin of extra water I will need most often. It has the same footprint as the 7-gal so I should be able to stack them and the spout and vent are the same so I can interchange if needed.

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I've used the Reliance containers in the past but in the long run have opted for water containers I can fit in more places and store easier in my packing scheme.

If you have one that leaks slightly, I used to take a zip lock or just piece of heavy plastic wrap and put it over the opening before screwing on the lid. Helps seal it up, though only for transport, really.

What I use most now is my 5L jerry can from FrontRunner Outfitters:

frjerry_1167-728.jpg ... frjerry_1168-728.jpg

but replaced the plastic spout with the better brass one seen above, also from them. I use this jerry can constantly, both for water supply in my van when away from my trailer and to fill my trailer's 22 gal on-board tank when it's all set up somewhere as basecamp:


Second most used water container I have is a clear BPA-Free 2gal jug I keep for Spring Water only for my coffee, 'cause I've grown fussy about wanting my coffee taste free of chlorine or hard water tastes. Very portable.
If I'm at all doubtful about water wherever I might be getting it (hoses, city, etc), I'll use the spring water for cooking too, and use my tank water for clothes, dishes, and bathing. I've become very thrifty and conservative in my water usage.

springwater_1163-728.jpg ... springwaterjug_1162-728.jpg

I also have three Scepter jerry cans for hauling more water when I'm in the desert so I can stay out longer, or for when I'm in sub-freezing temps and have emptied/winterized my trailer tank.
I bought two from LCI (Lexington Container - US distributor for Scepter from what I understand), and got one from surplus somewhere that had been with Marine Combat Logistics Regiment 2 out of Camp Lejeune NC.


Lastly, I have a LifeSaver 20,000 5gal Jerry with filter that will process over 5,000 gals of bad water for bacteria, viruses, cysts, parasites and fungi.
I save using it for the worst case scenarios, as you really should keep the filter wet, from what I understand.


Whatever you use, you should periodically empty it, rinse it and visually inpect the inside if you can, and make a bleach solution of 1/2 oz of non-scented household laundry bleach to 1 gal clean water (2.5oz per 5 gal) and let it slosh around in there real good, run it through any tap, hose, or lines and pour it back in, then let it sit 12-24 hrs. Then flush it and fill.

Here are more details on the process:

I'm getting ready to do just that on my trailer tank and all containers before I head back out this Sunday.



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