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Selah Wa
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I was watching a video by OB 0000 and he had a bag for his maps. He said it was some kind of garment bag and worked good, but I figured I could make something myself.
I happen to have a roll of heavy reinforced vinyl I have had for many years. I got it while in the Air Force in the 90's-2000's. It is black and very strong.
Now, I am no tailor, my stitching sucks, my lines are not straight and my thread ends still need trimming, but it is close to done. I still need to add a velcro patch to keep it closed.
Just wanted to post this as a way of saying, if I can do it, so can you.
This will keep my maps and my Atlas' safe from dirt, mud and abrasion. It also keeps them all in one spot and I don't have them falling all over the place. The bag fits between my drivers seat and the console box in my Suburban.



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I've got some of that same material in a different color from when I was working as a Flight Equipment Tech in the Marine Corps. Uncle Sam learned me how to run a sewing machine somewhat well........didn't do nearly as good teaching me not to eat Crayons though. I may have to break some of that out now and break out my sewing machine and put together something for my maps now.
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