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Folding or clamshell RTT v/s hardshell pop or crank up RTT?

  • Folding

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  • Crank-up

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Traveler I

Taking the experiences and opinions of anyone with knowledge or interest in RTT set up and builds. Roof Top Tent Novice with a JKURubicon needing a little advice and insight. Stories, warnings, and 'had I knowns' welcome in either D/M or on thread.

The vehicle - 2011 JKU Rubicon w/ KargoMaster Congo Cage & Safari Basket.
Current Choices - Maggiolina Extreme or Grand Tour ( Auto House US) /or/ Tepui Ruggedized Kukenam
Problem - Basket utility, Galley access in boot & Awning functionality

Environment - Majority of time spent will be on or around drilling locations in the Panhandle requiring frequent to occasional setup/breakdown and in a multitude of weather conditions for up to a month at a time. Probably followed by whatever trek or hunt I can find after. Expecting 200-250 nights in RTT within my first year.

Set up- at the moment I have landscaping equipment in/on the safari basket. The WeedEater, hedge clippers, gravel rake and maybe Leaf blower are coming off. I'm keeping the 7' pole chainsaw & 20" Stihl chainsaw
20" Chainsaw can fit into the basket in front of a fold-open/clam deisgned RRT with room for additional items. The polesaw mounts on the side of the Safari basket and planning to mount a pullout awning beneath it.

From the on set I'll go ahead and admit that I'm more drawn to the Tepui Ruddedized Kukenam & ARB Overlander due to the traditional appearance and fold open design. The preference being that it allows access and usage of my safari basket whereas any Maggiolina (or other hard shell design model) would void it's usefulness while only serving to raise my center of gravity. Additionally the option to open the tent to the aft of the vehicle would allow for shade and protection from elements, especially with the awning in use. The additional leg room I need (6'3") isn't going to cost an XL upgrade for $400.------ The Maggiolina models are appealing due to the additional storage up top, quick crank assisted setup/breakdown, hard shell that can handle some branches, and the thicker mattress ( 4" V/s 3") and optional ceiling fan. If someone has testimony please pass it along---

At the moment my mental layout is designed with the following parameters
  1. The tent be able to withstand a cold (10's-30's) and often windy(<25mph) environment for up to 30 days.
  2. The tent opens behind the vehicle
  3. The annex attaches or deploys beneath the RTT
  4. The annex have a built-in door to access the swing gate & Galley, so it must be able to accommodate the gate inside the structure. **Now whether I have to open the gate & leave it open before deploying the annex or am able to use the gate at leisure is irrelevant - just that there is room to cook/change/bano/access the boot all from within the awning**
  5. Tying into #3 - that the annex envelope the ladder. There isn't much reason having an awning to change into dry & clean, warm cloths if I have to walk back into the mud/snow/whatever and bring it to bed with my shoes or wet cloths
Has anyone had an experience that would discredit having the tent open to the aft? Over the past few weeks of looking at rig layouts and viewing various forums I hadn't come across many that were setup in this manner, curious if it is a simple preference or learned practice.