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  1. Conrad318

    US Southeast 2014 Ram 1500 5.7 Expedition One $24000 Located in New Orleans

    For Sale $24000 Located in New Orleans 2014 Ram 1500 Approximately 40k miles. Link to build page Ram 1500 The truck was used by Expedition One in Utah for R&D to develop these bumpers (Front/Rear) and lighting from Heretic. Other installations include: 2 2" Light pods front bumper, 40"...
  2. ShyTRex

    Solar Setup

    Hi Folks, Looking for advice and direction.. I've been watching a silly amount of youtube videos and reading a crap load of sites on building a solar generator. I think i've got the basic components down but I don't really have much knowledge on what I NEED persay.. What I know.. I'll have 4x...
  3. Northfeather

    FOR SALE 1996 E250 4x4 Excursion Van 351 V8 150,000miles

    1996 Ford E250 4x4 Excursion Van $35,000 I don't want to hog a bunch of space on here but folk have been asking to post this and show more...so if anyone needs details or insight...I'm happy to share what I can!!! Originally an Oregon Lottery Van(fun history based on scandal regarding mis-use...
  4. DesertGoat

    JKUs & RTTs

    Taking the experiences and opinions of anyone with knowledge or interest in RTT set up and builds. Roof Top Tent Novice with a JKURubicon needing a little advice and insight. Stories, warnings, and 'had I knowns' welcome in either D/M or on thread. The vehicle - 2011 JKU Rubicon w/ KargoMaster...
  5. East Coast Expedition

    Tiny Camper Expedition Build

    My trailer is a 1986 Bonair 13ft this is when i just purchased it in 2015.