Jeep Patriot Overland

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Thow link Oem Is extremly cheap ( and other part , i knows ) the difference with this part is adjustable and no more break , the parts will be able to work properly


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any downside to the RRO kit. does it eat through ball joints or eat up cv shafts?


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Nice to see another MK rig.

Question on your lights: how exactly are they mounted? I've been looking at getting some for a while (I tend to end up on dark country roads and I always like more light) and don't want to pony up for the factory lights.

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I went with 235/65/17 firestone destinations on my 2015 Patriot. Only had to take the BFH on one small section of the inner wheel well drive side to stop rubbing at full lock. It looks good and I've seen other patriot drivers take a second glance at the tires because the stock tires are so small.

Awesome build. I got the idea to try bigger tires from your posts. Thanks.