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Interstate 5x8 Enclosed Multi-Use Trailer

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i saw about a month or so ago a folding bed frame on amazon that i thought would be a good alternative to buiding a be frame out of wood. with the price of lumber, i figured it would be probably pretty similar in costs and with the metal frame from amazon, it would be easier to fold up and take out when i need to used it for other purposes. i did have a friend who had purchased the same bed frame and he said it was pretty decent.

i thought it over for a little over a week and when i saw that it had gone on sale, i decided to give it a try. one of the repeating things i saw in the reviews was to be careful of the cross support rods as they can catch on the mattress fabric and tear it. i had some spare canvas, so i cut some strips and wrapped the ends of the frame where the cross support rods were welded to the rest of the frame as a way to help prevent any kind of tearing. it is nice that there are two sections to the frame. i can set up one half and use it as a couch with the folding mattress, then use both sections as a bed. it feels pretty sturdy and i can tell my dog is going to love that he will be able to look out the window easily.

the one thing that i found out is that the plastic totes i keep all my stuff in are too tall to fit under the bed frame. i will end up going to find and buy new totes to fit underneath the bed, so its not the end of the world.


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