Interest in a OB canoe trip in Florida

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What are your top 3 preferred activities for OB meet up/ Trips?

  • Camping

  • Canoeing/kayaking

  • Mt. Biking

  • Food and beverages

  • 4x4 Off road travel

  • Hiking trails

  • Fishing/hunting

  • Geocaching

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Tried to post Rally Point for May 17-19th to canoe Silver springs. Waiting on OB support .


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Longwood, Fl.
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Check into the canoe trip where do we put in and take out. Will we be able to canoe back or do we need to place vehicles at start and finish? How long does it take. I’ll scout some camping spots in the next week or two.
You can launch at Silver River SP it is a 5 mile run down stream to Ray Wayside County Park where you pull out . There is a park entrance fee and a launch fee. They also have a shuttle service where they come down to take you back to your vehicles at the headwater. The trip takes 4-5 hours. Expect crowds on weekends. The campsites at SRSP are not located at the launch area. Seriously, stay clear of the monkeys I won’t get into some of the antics they pull, we will leave it at nasty and dangerous.
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