Illinois/ Wisconsin

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Hey ! How are you doing? I'm in north west suburbs of Illinois, Barrington. Would love to meet you guys. Just in case you know, if any one would like to wrench your rigs, let me know ! I have 2 lifts and mechanical shop)
Hey! Sorry i didn't see this until now. I actually am a tec. Have a few farms that done mind us using the shops too if you need any work done. Would love to meet up with song other overland guys in the area.


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Caledonia, Illinois
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Here's something we believe you all may be interested in. It's a meet-n-greet-hanging out-thing where we can talk about trips, rigs, equipment, whatever.

Hosted by Northology Overland and XJP Overland.

It's next Sunday afternoon (April 7th) 3:00-6:00. The address is 5397 Edith Lane, Roscoe, IL 61073-9573

See ya there?

Here's a link to the FaceBook Event for more information:
Adventurers Sunday Meetup