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Jeep responded already. They put an 8 cylinder in a Rubicon. Oh, and...they've had the market cornered with no domestic competition since at least the 1990's - longer if you consider the last generations of the Bronco and Blazer were not offroad oriented.

So, to me, Jeep Wrangler is kind of like the Borg. They just go on doing whatever they are doing because they know this puny attack cant shake them and likely wont last.
Not to say I dont like the new Bronco. Love it! But jeep CJ / Wrangler has been at it since 1941, Bronco didnt kick in until the 60's, died with the 90's. From thier perspective, what are the chances this new Bronco will hurt them long term? Sure, a dip in sales the first couple years maybe but will Ford follow through for even the next 30 years? The next 13, even? Or will they pull a GM, and make something everyone is excited about and pull the plug because it didnt absolutely level the competition in the first 3 years? (I'm looking at you, EV1 of the 1999's!)
No doubt Jeep is the leader and the bar is set very high. I agree that nobody has presented a true challenge to Jeep. Even if the Bronco dies again, at the very least it'll prompt Jeep to continue innovating and keep them from becoming complacent. Competition between the manufacturers is good for customers.


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Congratulations on the order! One of my buddies keeps pushing off ordering one but I'm hoping its soon.
Like others have said, I just hope Ford continues it for a while unlike Toyota pulling the plug on the FJC. A new and improved FJC with a removable top, a Bronco, and a Jeep would make for some fun battles and continued engineering development.