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Hey all! So a friend of mine from work (Raptor Driver) were talking about the WABDR and plan to run a 3-4 day section of it over the 4th of July. I've never planned a route like this before and would like some input from the pros! Our goals on this trip are to 1. Stay off road as much as possible. 2. Camp all 2-3 nights along trail and never in the same spot. 3. Enjoy the trip! We've got no true destination or end point as we both live in the Tacoma area.

Our thoughts are to leave Wednesday July 3rd after work and camp in a hotel somewhere near Leavenworth and begin the trail there working our way back south towards home. I don't anticipate much speed being we'll both be in full-size rigs, but really don't know what to expect either. It looks as though a good portion of the trail turns into HWY 12 to Packwood? Is that so? Again, wanting to stick to dirt as much as possible and make the trip last 3ish days, would Leavenworth then NOT be a wise starting point? Where would you start with these goals in mind?

Any assistance is greatly appreciated! Thanks a lot.
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