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  1. Ceg

    WABDR for 4x4s

    If you are looking for info and photos of the Washington Backcountry Discovery Route, check out the WABDR for 4x4s Facebook group at Facebook Groups
  2. oldmopars

    US Northwest Washington Back Country Discovery Route July 5-10 2021

    Come explore Washington's great outdoors. The WABDR is a 575 mile route through scenic Washington. We start in Stevenson Wa. near the Bridge of the Gods and drive North through the lush green southern forests. Near Yakima we cross over the Cascades and venture into he high deserts and warn sunny...
  3. Bilbo

    US Northwest June 2020 WABDR - Washington Backcountry Discovery Route

    ***Rally is delayed so we will modify this trip to exclude the Rally. Also adding more slots due to high level of interest. We will likely have a group that continues on to complete the whole BDR. Stay tuned for updates. *** We are exploring the first 3 sections of the Washington Backcountry...
  4. MindofManZaaR

    Help Plan WABDR

    Hey all! So a friend of mine from work (Raptor Driver) were talking about the WABDR and plan to run a 3-4 day section of it over the 4th of July. I've never planned a route like this before and would like some input from the pros! Our goals on this trip are to 1. Stay off road as much as...
  5. jim lee

    July - 2018 WABDR - 07/15/2018

    Oregon/Washington border to Canada, 575 miles, mostly off-road. Figure on six days. View Rally Point Details