Ham Radio Field Day

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Just about 45 days out... are you going to participate this year?

For those new to Amateur Radio, Field Day is the largest ham radio event in North America. Clubs/Groups/Individuals typically set up temporary stations and portable antennas and operate off back up power(battery/generator) that could simulate a wide spread disaster. Some hams choose to operate from home, especially given the pandemic situation. The event runs for 24 hours and each group/person tries to make as many contacts as possible......or just enjoy hanging out, or both.

This is typically a good time to get on HF if you are a tech or get on the air if you are not licensed unfortunately clubs still may not be holding public group field day stations.
Field day starts at 1800 UTC (2pm Eastern / 11am Pacific) time on Saturday June 26 but set up begins typically around 8am. Set up is a good time to take a look at different antennas and how they can be erected and most clubs are always looking for people to help set up…and take down.
There are groups participating around the country. You can find them at www.arrl.org/field-day-locator Hopefully the numbers of clubs participating publicly will be more than last year, but still not likely to be near full strength of a pre-pandemic field day.
If you need help finding a field day station, post your area below and I will be happy to try and find one for you.

Last year I participated as an individual while primitive camping running off batteries. This year will still be primitive camping but may have 1 or 2 buddies join me so will either be a 2B or 3A station depending.

If you are new, want to participate on your own the field day rules can be found here: 2021 Field Day Packet.pdf (arrl.org) and if you still have any questions let me know.
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GRANDE ronde Radio Amateurs GRRA (W7GRA) is setting up on June 25th at BirdTrack Springs Campground (45.3003000, -118.3073305) cost for camping is $5.00 per site/night. We are open to the public and encourage any one interested to come on up either for the whole weekend, or even for just a few hours. We will have several Get On The Air (GOTA) set up for the public to use (licensed or not). I will be posting a rally point this weekend with more information about the GRRA Field Day Event.


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This year I'm the "hired gun" CW operator at a local club <grin>. I usually do 1E NNJ from my home station (70' tower, large Yagis, etc), ribs on the smoker, and a comfy bed nearby. I'm a contester and DXer and this is a fun little event that I try to do every year if possible.

Next year, weather permitting, I would love to do Field Day with my K3 on solar/battery from a mountaintop with my overlanding gear. Preferably with at least one or two other ops so we can do 24 hours straight on 10 through 80m, and CW since it's double the points of phone!

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