Ham Radio certification

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Todd & Meg

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Here is the link to the forum calendar and Meet-Up event page: Overland Bound Meetups. Keep an eye out for a East Valley meet up in Gilbert.
Or to check out what other members are planning go here: Overland Trip Planning

I am the SW Region Member Rep so if you have any questions let me know.
We will start up with the East Valley meet ups again in January. And after the success of the first Meet, Greet, and Camp we will be planning another one late February or early March.
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I just got my licence a couple weeks ago. the method I used was --- the audible, "fasttrack to your technician licence" by Michael Burnette and practiced on qrz.com with the practice tests.
When I first started I was doing the tests and not really understanding the topics, once I listened to the book things started clicking and the practice test scores increased. It took me a while but I was not totally consistent in studies, but once I buckled down and talked to my wife, she just said pick a date and go! LOL it worked, I focused and got it done. I drive a lot so it was good with the audible, probably listened to the book 3 times set on 1.5 speed and sometimes distracted with stuff, thus the multiple passes.
Good luck to anyone going for it.
John - KN6GNV
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