DIY Rock Sliders?

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Indianapolis, IN, USA
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Does anybody have any info on Rock Sliders? I want to build my own, where I live nobody has any nor have they heard about them so I have nothing to base myself.
I live in deep south Texas and shipping just kills me (it adds a whole lot more). I think I can come up with some of the design I just need to know some of the details.
I want them for a 4 door Toyota Tacoma long bed.
Primarily what I want is:
What gauge and size steel?

Any other helpful details would be appreciated. (even if its for another vehicle)

Take a look at 05-15 Double Cab Long Bed Toyota Tacoma Rock Slider $360 requires welding and some assembly.
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Aaron Niemi

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So did I. Do you have yours yet? It's been 5 weeks and mine are not shipped yet.
Yeah I got mine a few months ago. I think I was one of the first for the 2nd gen tacos so I got in before there were any lead times, it still took about 3 weeks to get them to me in WA, but I couldn't be happier with the quality.