Dispersed camping Lower Peninsula Michigan questions.

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I posted this in the general overland forum but after I did I thought it might be more appropriate in this forum. I am going to the Keweenaw Overland Adventure retreat next weekend. I am planning on driving up from Indiana through Michigan. Looking for dispersed camping near the top of the lower peninsula of Michigan for Wednesday 9-11-19 I have never done "dispersed" camping. My research says that dispersed camping in Michigan is very popular and doable. Do I need a permit? As long as I'm 1 mile from a designated camp site I'm ok? I'm a bit confused and don't want to screw this up as I will be having my wife and canine with me and it will be her first overlanding trip. Thanks in advance.
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Manistee national forest, Gaylord state forest. Michigan state forests has lots of really small campgrounds that are free or super cheap. Couple of spots on ioverland also.
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