Custom Swing out Tire Carrier - MID Europe Overland Bound Joined Project

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Custom Swing out Tire Carrier - MID Europe Overland Bound Joined Project

Hi guys ! I wanted to share something with you today.
Last month I drove 600km to the Netherlands to meet (again !) @Robert OB 33/48 from Dragonriders Travel in order to build something together !
And since we are both Overland Bound members, THIS turns out to be the FIRST MID EUROPE OVERLAND BOUND JOINED PROJECT !
And we are both really happy with it !
We had a really good times and I learned a lot from him and his incredible mecanics skills !
So as usual, I've made a video of this week-end, so you can enjoy it aswell

So, it all started from here ...

It was a lot of cutting !

Welding ...

Even more welding !

Drlling !

Test fitting

All of this, under the watch of Skai :smileycat:

Robert really knows what he's doing in his workshop ! It was a very good experience to see him and help him building this !
It's crazy how two minds can think differently sometimes ... He thought about some stuff I didn't even imagine.

And after some finishes and paint, here is the final result ! AWESOME ! :hearteyes:

I really hope you enjoyed the videos and the pictures, and as you can see, the OB scene is slowly but surely moving here in EUROPE !
I wanted to THANKS again Robert for this incredible weekend we spent together working on this beautiful project !
See you soon my friend !​