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Hey all,

We have a couple of upgrade options in the forums and we've had to make some changes to the Supporter program.

Supporters subscribe for $3.99/Mo. specifically to help keep these forums free and ad free. In exchange, we have an open dialogue with supporters to continually improve these forums.

Traditionally, we have provided new OB Members with supporter access for six months so they can give us feedback about these forums in the Supporter section, even if they did not subscribe to the Supporter program.

Supporters get cool things like patches and stickers. With Member access to the Supporter forums, we were sending out A LOT of patches and stickers to new Members who were not Supporter subscribers. It was costing enough money to defeat the purpose of the Supporters program!

Going forward, Members can give feedback about the forums through normal forum channels, but access to the Supporter section (and free goodies) will not be included automatically. If you feel like supporting these forums, we appreciate it! More information about that can be found here: Become a Supporter!

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Thanks and as always, thanks for your support. We couldn't do it without you!