Camp Photos!

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Rank V

Traveler I

Sally & I tested out the new offroad trailer for a quick 24hr. bugout to the Narrows in Gerry's Ferry & camped next door to Andrew & his family. Had a site close the waters edge. The two lakes and the Narrows totals about 40,500 acres with a combined shoreline of just over 340 miles.

The trailer performed flawlessly in towing, & camping with no problems, had a Cleburne County sheriff officer visit with me for about 40 minutes asking all kinds of questions about the finish trailer project I completed. Wanted details on the build as he is interested in building one for him & his wife. Enjoyed ourselves, good eats, weather was good, great company Sally my wife, Sadie Girl (our rat terrier), Andrew my son, Crystal & the twin girls . We are currently planning a offroad dispersed camping trip real soon.
Last photo is my son's camper, truck & jeep