Calling all FJ Cruisers!

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This year I updated my tent, awning, a proper shower tent for my on board hot shower, got a real propane tank mounted, king suspension, and miscellaneous interior upgrades like HAM, BROG bags, HydroBlu water can, and some other stuff I’m sure I’m forgetting. I camp basically every weekend from mid March to Mid October. I use this truck as a hunting base camp all September. This stuff might seem excessive but I promise it gets use! I need to swap out these ICON Overlander springs with some beefy Dobinsons

I just added HardKorr lighting to the tent and awning. I’ll get some photos up of that as soon as I can. Very nice products.

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Just a little shot of Ol' Flora Jean leading the pack to one of our stops at the Hi Lift Jack factory in Bloomfield Indiana while traversing the Hoosier state along the Trans-Hoosier Overland Route (THOR)

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