Australia "Off the Grid" Fall 2016 Photos!

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Hey guys just want to say a huge thank you to @Luis Merlo @bjy10 @David Nielsen and all the other guys for coming up for the weekend it was a blast was really good to put some faces to names i hope you all had a great time and i cant wait for the next one

Also massive thank you has to go out to @Michael & @Corrie for there support these two are beyond amazing with all the stuff they had going on organizing the official OTGR they still found time to send us out some goodies and arranged the live cross so we could be part of the opening, that was awesome i cant thanks you's enough

oh and big thanks to @BazzaJ for his outstanding phone holding skills :)

20160925_082634.jpg 20160924_132232.jpg 20160925_082314.jpg
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