Any Locus Map Users Here?

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Hi all,

I'm currently trying out Locus Maps as I'm not very impressed with Gaia Maps. I've heard it mentioned here, but it doesn't seem to have its own discussion thread. Any users here who can comment on the functionality of it, especially for North America?

I've got the free version currently to try it out, and so far it seems pretty good, but I did notice one fairly significant issue - it doesn't seem to have the US/Canada border actually marked on the map at all, at least not where I am. That could be a serious problem, as there are places where it could be possible to wander across without realizing it, especially if one is not already keenly aware of it.

What do you guys think of it? Worth paying for the full version? Should I stick with the free version? I welcome everyone's input.


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I use Locus Pro and really like it. I don't use the Locus maps but download maps from the BackRoad Map Books of BC and open them in Locus. Other friends use it as well, and others use Gaia. Guess it's all what you started with I'm sure.