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  1. Thanyo

    Zion overlanding.

    Hello all! So the family and I are heading out west towards Zion national Park. From Zion we will be going to Sedona Arizona and then back home to Eastern Oklahoma. I am aware of the national parks being closed but does anybody have some coordinates or trails to visit while I am near Zion? I...
  2. Road

    Utah Wanted All the Tourists. Then It Got Them.

    I'm not much of a fan of Outside magazine, for various reasons. The article linked to below, though, by Mark Sundeen, is really quite interesting and worthwhile. It's about tourism, the marketing of adventure, social media, destination development and destination management and how it is...
  3. Brian Wells

    Utah July Trip - 07/12/2018

    Hey Guys! We are meeting up and doing some camping in Utah in and Around Zion National Park. The Scheduled Leaving To Utah: Thursday July 12th || Should Arrive At The Rally Point By 4PM Light Off Roading & Exploring Zion National Park : Friday July 13th Off Roading All Day : Saturday July...
  4. covello

    10 Day CA->AZ/UT Solo Trip Advice

    Hey Everyone, So I've been itching to get out again, I think I'll have a week or so free in June so planning to head to Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Moab and Zion over 10/11 days. I'm a photographer and director so obviously I'm into finding picturesque locations. They can be the famous ones...
  5. Arturo Escobar

    Zion Overland Adventure

    Hey guys, I'm planning a camping / off-roading adventure to Zion at the end of April. This will be my first trip to Zion and want to know your suggestions on what places to check out and things I must see while there. I'd like to not camp at your traditional campsite, rather find places that...
  6. Travel2Learn

    National Parks of Utah - Trip Planning

    Hi all, We are headed to southern Utah for a week in early April. The plan is to visit all five National Parks starting with Zion and ending at Arches. Looking for suggestions and tips on such a trip. Our hope is to disperse camp where possible, but I am having trouble finding out where it is...